Limited Omnipollo Holiday Season Capsule

Pre-order only. Please note that boxes will ship out end of November.

Orders can not be combined with other products. Limited amount of boxes.


To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season of 2020 we are releasing a limited fully loaded box of treats. Perfect to give to or share with a loved one or keep for yourself. We have selected some of our favorite beers, glassware and other rare items and goods from the Omnipollo universe and put them together in this one-off box.

What about beer then? The box will contain a holiday inspired Bianca among several of our favorite barrel aged stouts, some only available to purchase in this box and nowhere else. Others are in super limited supply, so this box will be the best way to guarantee getting ahold of them at all. With the beer comes a custom folder sharing the story behind the beer and our Omnipollo gift wrap, sized to fit the box in case you wish to gift it.

But beer isn’t everything. Together with our dear Norwegian friends at Midsummer Hot Sauce we have made a hot sauce based on Noa Pecan Mud Cake, we bring back our custom made beer lamp kits, a brand new, extra loaded sticker pack and a lot more secret treats and goodies.



    • 1 × Omnipollo Magnus Opus 2020 Woodford Reserve Rye Barrel Aged Red Cinnamon Vanilla Poppy Seed Hot Smoked Bacon Cacao Nib Hazelnut Imperial Stout 14.5 %. 33 cl bottle. Box exclusive!
    • 1 × Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake BLiS Gourmet Maple Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 14 %. 33 cl bottle.
    • Box exclusive!
    • 1 × Omnipollo × Moksa × Bottle Logic Carême Willet Family Estate Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean Stout 14 %. 33 cl bottle. Super limited release
    • 1 × Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake 27 Month Four Roses Barrel Aged Coconut Imperial Stout 14 %. 33 cl bottle. Super limited release
    • 1 × Omnipollo Barrel Aged Mammut Coconut Vanilla Hazelnut Imperial Stout 12 %. 40 cl can. Very limited release
    • 1 × Omnipollo Bianca Eggnog Lassi Gose 6 %. 50 cl can.
    • 1 × Omnipollo × Midsummer 6 Month Aged Noa Pecan Mud Cake Imperial Stout & Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce. Super limited release
    • 1 × Omnipollo® Maz glass
    • 1 × Omnipollo Gift Wrapping Paper
    • 1 × Omnipollo Beer Lamp Kit
    • 1 × Omnipollo Holiday Sticker Pack
  • + a lot more secret treats and goodies 

* Subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances


Golden Ticket
It won’t be a time for giving without a few special surprises, which is why a lucky few will receive a special golden gift with their box. It might be one of the Omnipollo Eternity Rings, a Karl Grandin print or a one-off tee, among many other things. 

Shipping included in price.

All boxes are sent out by the end of November and pre-orders can’t be combined with other orders.

Limited Omnipollo Holiday Season Capsule

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.