Limited Omnipollo New Year Capsule 2022 # 1

 Please note that boxes will ship between November 28th onwards. 
Orders can not be combined with other products, all extra goods will be removed. Limited amount of capsules.


Our Holiday Season Capsules have been a popular annual offering and are now being sent out for you all to enjoy during the upcoming month. In case you missed the 2022 capsules we are now passing from the holidays to the end of the year party with a Limited Omnipollo New Year Capsule. 

A capsule filled with 12 different products, 11 different beers and a total of 41 units in total. This party capsules contains a carefully selected variety of beers that are selected to fit a good party or just to enjoy together with friends. Total value of box inc shopping is roughly 290 EUR.



      • 2 × Pancake inspired Imperial Stout, perfect for the late hours of the evening.
      • 2 × One of our crispiest beers, a Helles Lagers brewed at Omnipollos church with organic Swedish heritage malt.
      • 1 × Big IPA that we just loved to brew and even more to drink ourselves, brewed at Omnipollos church in collaboration with one of our favorite breweries.
      • 2 × Another big, juicy collaborative IPA drawing inspiration from both coasts of the US.
      • 2 × A sessionable version of one of our favorite and most popular IPAs. Brewed at Omnipollos church.
      • 4 × Refreshing OG Omnipollo fruited sour brewed at Omnipollos church. In many ways this beer kicked off our journey into fruited sours.
      • × A fruited, fragrant sour, summery in all aspects. A vitamin injection of some of our favorite fruits.
      • × Vibrant fruited sour full of berries and fruits, colorful both in taste and appearance.
      • 6 × Crushable Pale Ale full of New Zeeland hops that we brewed at Omnipollos church.
      • 6 × Every party needs an easy drinking IPA so we decided to add one of our most iconic ones in the format of a handy can.
      • 6 x The most holiday of all holiday sours, a classic Swedish beverage in the form of a fruited sour. Brewed at Omnipollos church.
      • × Pieces of glassware.

    * Subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Shipping included in the price.

    Please note that boxes will ship between November 28th onwards. 
    Orders can not be combined with other products. Limited amount of capsules. Shipping will be done through DHL. 

    Limited Omnipollo New Year Capsule 2022 # 1

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