Please find the different ways to contact us and most frequently asked contact questions below.

  • How do I contact Omnipollo for general inquiries?
    • Please write to:
      Ågatan 12
      172 62 Sundbyberg Sweden
      or via email at
      For specific inquiries such as sales and purchases see respective option below.
  • I have a question regarding Omnipollo Vending Machine and online orders
    • For Omnipollo Vending Machine online beer store related and general inquiries contact
  • How do I order your beers to my bar, restaurant or grocery store in Sweden?
    • If you are a bar, restaurant or grocery store please contact us at and/or register at our HoReCa online market, Omnipollo Market here. Do not hesitate to contact us for help setting up the account or to get ahold of our current portfolio.If you are a private consumer you can find our current selection at Systembolaget here.
  • Where do I find your beers around the world?
    • If you are interested in carrying our beers in your bar, restaurant or for your distribution company, please email us at

      If you are a consumer interested in finding our beers where you live, please email us at and we will help you.
  • Where do I find your beers in the US?
  • Where do I find your beers in Canada?
    • Please contact our Canadian distributors at:
      The Craft Brand Company
      117 Sixteenth St
      Toronto, ON


The Whistleblower reporting can be used to raise concerns and warn for irregularities that can effect individuals, the society, our organization or the environment negatively. Your report may include information about criminal activity, irregularities and other activity not following laws and regulations. We encourage employees, contract workers, suppliers, consumers and anyone else to raise concerns. Please be as detailed as possible when reporting your observation. If possible state date and time, individuals involved, all other relevant data to be able to investigate the issue. All reporting are anonymous and treated with confidentiality.

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We currently only ship beer to countries within the EU.

We currently only ship to countries within the EU.