10 × BA Mammut Bundle

For the lover of barrel aged imperial stouts. The Barrel Aged Mammut bundle contains 10 × 40 cl cans of our Barrel Aged Mammut along with 2 Omnipollo Maz 20 cl glasses. In the summer of 2019, we released Mammut, a slick imperial stout full of maple syrup, vanilla and toasted hazelnuts. We took half the batch and laid it to rest on a selection of Willett and Buffalo Trace bourbon and rye barrels before treating it with coconut, vanilla and toasted hazelnuts. Think nutty dessert. Brewed with nuts.

Can not be combined with other products, so please order separately from other goods or we reserve us the right to remove goods from the order and send bundles separately.

Each bundle contains:
10 × Barrel Aged Mammut Imperial Stout (40 cl)
2 × Omnipollo Maz 20 cl glass

10 × BA Mammut Bundle

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.