Hoppy Intro Bundle

The perfect bundle to get acquainted with Omnipollo’s hoppy offerings. A total of 16 units of 8 different hoppy beers ranging in style from Session IPA, Pale Ale and IPA to a tasty Hopfenweisse, plus one Omnipollo Konx glass to enjoy the beers properly.

Can not be combined with other products, so please order separately from other goods or we reserve us the right to remove goods from the order and send bundles separately.

Each bundle contains:
2 × Hally Equanot Citra Pale Ale
2 × Abdia Mosaic IPA
2 × Grandin Champagne Yeast Pale Ale
2 × Chewy Chewy Chewy Pale Ale
2 × Halliza Simcoe IPA
2 × Näcken Hopfenweisse
2 × Arzachel Imperial Session IPA
2 × Zodiak House IPA
1 × Omnipollo Konx Glass

Hoppy Intro Bundle

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.