Limited Omnipollo Holiday Season Capsule 2022 # 2

 Please note that boxes will ship between November 16th onwards. 
Orders can not be combined with other products, all extra goods will be removed. Limited amount of capsules.

Wow, what a reaction for the first of these 2022 holiday season capsules. They went almost a bit too fast so we had to go through our list of special beers to make a new capsule and mix up the beers in both capsules and replace the glass with a different one. Equal in value, taste, hype and fun. No need to be sad if you missed the first one, contents are more or less identical. 

It is once again time to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season and we are bringing back our popular Omnipollo Holiday Season Capsule. For the 2022 box we have decided to go Fan Favorites with 14 different beers, 15 cans and bottles in total and a nice Omnipollo glass. Per feedback from earlier years we have more beers and less extras. 

This mysterious box contains a carefully selected variety of beers that have been released previously, some in a very limited scale or barely outside of the Vending Machine. Total value of box inc shopping is roughly 200 EUR.



    • 3 × Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts selected from Henok’s own favorites from over the last year.
    • 5× Imperial Pastry Stouts selected for their uniqueness or for just being some of our very favorites.
    • 3 × Fruited or spiced sours of which one is a brand new holiday one.
    • 4 × Hoppy or crushable favorites to enjoy over the holidays. Fan favorites, new releases or just darn good beers, double cans of one of them (three different beers in total).
    • 1 × Omnipollo glass. 

    * Subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Shipping included in the price.


    Golden Ticket
    It won’t be a time for giving without a few special surprises, which is why a lucky few will receive a special golden gift with their box. It might be special merchandize, a special evening at Omnipollos kyrka, a one-off tee or maybe a special beer. Keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest hints about the golden tickets. About a 10 % chance to receive one of these tickets.

    Please note that boxes will ship between November 16th onwards. 
    Orders can not be combined with other products. Limited amount of capsules. Shipping will be done through DHL. 

    Limited Omnipollo Holiday Season Capsule 2022 # 2

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