Omnipollo Mystery Tantalum Capsule # 2022

Before ordering please read fine print below.

The new big, extra everything Omnipollo Mystery Tantalum # 2022 is for the ultimate Omnipollo fan. Following our previous ultra premium capsules this capsule is for the die hard Omnipollo fan. One off merch and beers, samples and long sold out beers and merch. Prints and other exclusive stuff, this special capsule might have it all, we barely know ourself.

Please be aware that after purchase we will contact you in regards to size on clothing and other things in order to maximize the capsule. Total value of the box? Easily around 1000 € including shipping.

Please note that Mystery Tantalum Capsule # 2022 will be sent out with a different courier than selected at checkout.

Please be aware that all Mystery Capsules are sold as is and are not valid for returns. Boxes as with bundles are not possible to order alongside any other goods, such orders may be cancelled or the extra goods removed from the order.

Omnipollo Mystery Tantalum Capsule # 2022

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.