24 × Nebuchadnezzar bundle

The cans have a best by date of 4th of June 2020 but are still tasting great, an old school IIPA with flavors of resin, grass, dried orange peel and pine needles.

The cans has been kept chilled at our warehouse and rather than dumping beer, we thought we’d offer it in 24 can bundles for a great deal.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you are forced to adapt to a new situation. We have been blessed with not having too many such misfortunes. We were about to re-launch our flagship west coast double IPA Nebuchadnezzar in cans at the Swedish liquor monopoly, but due to some unfortunate events this didn’t work out as we’d hoped and we now have considerable over stock. This beer is very dear to us, we drink it all the time, it won gold as well as Best of Show at Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival the year it was launched and we hope to never stop brewing it.



Imperial IPA, 8.5 % by vol.

Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium.

Artwork by Karl Grandin.

24 × Nebuchadnezzar bundle

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.