Omnipollo Mystery Capsule # 2

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Omnipollo Mystery Capsules are fully packaged boxes that can contain everything from beers to merch and long sold out goods or one-offs. It can be Pilsners, Imperial Stouts, glassware, Hard Seltzers, merch - who knows? It is a mystery box after all. Each capsule number has a similar or the same content, while content differs between the different numbers. The value of the boxes ranges from 190 € to 400 € or more, but always a minimum of 190 € with shipping included.

Please be aware that all Mystery Capsules are sold as is and are not valid for returns. Boxes as with bundles are not possible to order alongside any other goods, such orders may be cancelled or the extra goods removed from the order.

Omnipollo Mystery Capsule # 2

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We currently only ship to countries within the EU.